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Check Out a Great Way to Start Fires

Now that we have all of this great technology, we can do so much. For example, survival equipment has become so advanced it is almost funny. There are great compact kits and tools for starting fires in any situation. Some people go with magnesium lighters and those are great, but a plasma lighter is even better. This is amazing technology based on the work of Nicola Tesla, who was an amazing scientist. Now this technology is coming back around in a very useful way. This lighter will effectively light infinite fires over a lifetime, making it a practical survival tool worth the rank it deserves.

The way a plasma lighter works is by a charge from a battery and it arcs between two metal points on the lighter, creating a very hot spark. Apparently, there are a few different versions you can try. If you are going for a lighter to light cigars or pipes, this one can work but you will need a dual-arc lighter rather than a single-arc. This just means it produces two heavy, hot sparks rather than one and will work better for items like cigars. Otherwise, even a single-arc plasma type lighter can start a fire rather effectively.

When you are collecting survival tools, this is one you want to have on hand. Electricity is amazing and even a small, portable charge can do wonders to keep you warm in the wild. As you gain more survival equipment and train for it, it becomes very exciting. You start to gain a strong sense of security about yourself. As you see that technological advances can help you in the wild, it is so important to test it all out. When you get hold of a lighter like this, you will be very pleased. Certainly, the magnesium lighters are also incredible but plasma will blow your mind and it lasts a lifetime.

It is so great to get out into the world. With a good lighter, any hiking or camping adventure can be very pleasant. One of the first priorities of camping is to start a good campfire. This is because it will keep you warm during the cold of the night and also keep predators away because they are scared of fire. Naturally, you will want to form a good protective fire ring and manage the fire safely. When you have the advantage of a hot arcing lighter, it is so amazing and easy to light even the toughest of tinder. You will have a great campfire going in no time, as long as you have enough wood to keep it going.

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The pleasures of the great outdoors cannot be matched by any technology. However, we do have technology we can bring with us to make the experience better. Grab your digital camera, a good toughbook computer, a great lighter, and all your other gear. Get going on a nice retreat into nature and stay warm the whole time. You deserve good equipment. It is a proper gift to give to yourself.