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Sensible Marijuana Policies

When it comes to drug punishment in the United States, the word sensible is not something you are going to hear very often. In fact, I would argue that nothing done with respect to these substances in this country is even in the realm of sensible. You see people getting massive sentences in prison because they were possessing or selling some amounts of marijuana, and you have to wonder why the system would even try to operate in such a way. And this is the feeling that many other people in the United States have too. They are wondering whether the system is taking the wrong approach to the matter.

So, what can people do? One of the things they can do is take a look at what has been done in the past, and how success was found. For instance, we can look at the Massachusetts situation, where they managed to get some excellent marijuana legislation passed over the past few years. They set up a committee and everything, where they tried to get sensible policies on the books throughout the state. You can read more about this organization and its efforts right here. They did some excellent work, and the state is thankful.

Even though that work was great, it does not mean the job is done. It is easy to look at places such as Colorado where marijuana is now legal and wonder whether the whole of the United States operates in the same way. However, it is not the case. There are plenty of states where the police and the legal system is happy to take action against those who are found to have marijuana on their person – or they are the ones who are doing the selling. And it is clear that a lot of work is needed in this respect.

The goal of all marijuana legislation is decriminalization. Yes, there are ways to go about legalizing the substances. However, those will require a larger vote, which may or may not happen depending on the state. The goal of decriminalization is not to legalize something, but to ensure that people are not getting punished and having their lives ruined because they are caught with some weed in the car – or something of the sort. We need to get to a point where sensible policing is being done, and people’s lives are being considered over “law and order.”

The reason why there is so much support for decriminalization with respect to marijuana is that you are looking at a substance where the impact is a lot meeker than the perception. People always think of it as some kind of gateway drug, but the truth is that marijuana probably has less of an impact on our bodies as compared to alcohol, which is completely legal. So, perhaps we need to take a closer look at the type of systems we are erecting, and why we are choosing to take such harsh action against people for the smallest of offenses.

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Tips to Follow When Purchasing an Automatic Gate Opener

There are many gate openers available in the market so we are going to give you some tips on finding the best automatic gate opener. To save time you should read this, but you should take the time prior to looking for the best automatic gate opener to jot down the dimensions on your gate to make sure the opener you eventually select is clearly the best one out there.

Elements to Look for in an Automatic Gate Opener

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There are some key elements you need to look for when you are reviewing prospective gate openers. First look at the overall popularity of the opener, has it been available to the public for quite some time? The longer the opener has been available to the public the easier time you should have assessing the quality of these gate openers. Something that you could do is look to see whether there are any recalls against the gate opener you are reviewing, if there are active product recalls then it would be wise to remove that particular gate opener from your list of prospects. After you have reviewed the list and established which brand of gate openers are the best you can begin looking for the retailers that are selling them.

Getting a Great Deal on the Automatic Gate Opener

The preliminary step is to identify all of the retailers that carry the specific brand of gate opener you are really interested in owning. When you have the names of the retailers find out what the total cost is of the gate opening including the shipping fees if they aren’t already covered. Aside from the shipping, you will have to decide on who will handle the installation of the automatic gate opener. This is not the type of job you should attempt on your own or you could wind up in the hospital or worse!

These gate openers require a considerable amount of electricity to run the motor that opens and closes the gates. Since there is live current running through the gate opener at all times it has to be properly installed and grounded, which takes specialized training. Find out whether the retailer who is selling the gate opener will provide installation services? if they do provide installation it won’t be free but you don’t have to worry about doing the work yourself. If the retailer does not perform the actual installation then you will need to look for a local professional that specializes in performing these installations. Be sure to only work with licensed, certified and insured contractors to protect yourself from any potential liabilities. The last thing you should do is register the automatic gate opener so you are protected in the event there are any product recalls or you need to get warranty work done on the automatic gate opener. If you covered all of these steps then you should be able to get the best possible deal on the new automatic gate opener so start your shopping now.